Clearly speaking: Pronunciation in action for teachers
Anne Burns and Stephanie Claire
Thumbnail of Clearly speaking: Pronunciation in action for teachers Teaching pronounciation can be problematic. Many teachers are unsure of the various features of pronounciation or whether to teach it separately or as an overall part of teaching activities.
The Clearly speaking DVD/vdeo and handbook provides teachers with an integrated approach to teaching pronounciation so that the teaching of pronounciation is contextualised within the overall program planning.
The kit helps teachers to understand the importance of pronounciation and demonstartes a range of authentic classroom teaching situations. The visual material shows several experienced teachers presenting their own techniques and strategies for successfully teaching pronounciation in the classroom. The handbook explains how to use the visual material and has pages which may be photocopied for professional development as well as further reading and resources.

At long last! A no-nonsense resource for teachers wanting some plain good ideas, models and materials for for teaching pronounciation.
TESOLNZ, November 2004

The video and book set provides an excellent resource in a generally under-resourced area ... the vdeo relieves the centre of the need for having its own in-house pronounciation person! It provides the means for having a staff of pronounciation-confident practioners.
EA Journal, 22(1)

A useful resource for teacher professional development, for the classroom, or for drive yourself students.
Educare NewsApril 2004