Investigating Global Practices in Teaching English to Young Learners

This is an exciting project, funded by The British Council, to research teachers' beliefs and practices in elementary schools worldwide. My co-researchers are Dr Sue Garton and Dr Fiona Copland from the School of Languages and Social Sciences at the Aston University.

If you teach young learners (7-11 years old), please contribute to the project.


These are the new books I am currently writing.

1. An edited collection with Professor Jack Richards of 30 chapters on different aspects of pedagogy and practice in second language education, including new trends in approaches to language teaching and learning, teaching various learner types, skills development and developments in technology.

Burns, A. & Richards, J. (Eds.). (in preparation). The Cambridge guide to pedagogy and practice. New York: Cambridge University Press.

2. A book co-authored with Professor Jack Richards focusing on teaching listening that provides language teachers with an introduction to this area and practical teaching activities.

Burns, A. & Richards, J. (in preparation). Tips for teaching listening. New York: Pearson Longman.

3. A volume on teaching speaking, co-authored with Christine Goh. It deals with theoretical developments in teaching speaking as well as describing approaches to developing a speaking curriculum and syllabus and activities that can be carried out in the classroom.

Goh, C. & Burns, A. (in preparation). Teaching speaking: A holistic approach for English language learners. New York: Cambridge University Press,