PhDs completed

Manjit Kaur (1999)
Title: Discourse strategies for argumentation for work-related communication: A comparison between Malay and Australian Business/Economics students.

Peter Mickan (2001)
Title: Textualising meanings: Second language writers in action.

Joko Priyana (2002)
Title: Developing EFL task-based language instruction in an Indonesian primary school context.

Annabelle Lukin (2003)
Title: Examining poetry: A corpus based enquiry into literary criticism.

Dewi Rochsantiningsih (2005)
Title: Enhancing professional development of Indonesian high school teachers through action research.

Susanna Pui-san Ho (2006)
Title: Exploring writing strategies employed by accounting/finance majors in both the university and the workplace.

Terry Laskowski (2007)
Title: Conceptualisations of teaching practices of three junior high school Japanese teachers of English (JTEs).

Mira Kim (2007)
Title: Application of SFG-based text analysis in translator education: A case study of English/Korean translation.

Abel Atiti (with Graduate School of the Environment) (2008)
Title: Critical action research: Exploring organisational learning and sustainability in a Kenyan context.

Paul Moore (2009)
Title: The effects of dialogic interaction on oral task performance and development in an undergraduate EFL course in Japan.

Apiwan Nuangpolmak (2011)
Title: Facilitating learner autonomy through pedagogic multilevel tasks.

Simon Humphries (2011)
Title: A multi-perspective investigation into the diffusion of a curricular innovation in a Japanese technical college.

Jacqueline Nenchin (2011)
Title: Nonnative English-speaking teachers of English and their academic literacy.

Arthur Firkins (2011)
Title: The discursive construction of risk in child protection.

Doctorates of Applied Linguistics completed

Marlene Brenes (2009)
Title: Constructing teacher identity: Non-native pre-service student teachers and beginning teachers.

Andrew Gladman (2009)
Title: Teacher collaboration in team teaching in a Japanese international college.

Carmen Contijoch (2009)
Title: Online tutors' beliefs on feedback.

Mick Kavanagh (2009)
Title: Chinese teachers' beliefs about language teaching.

Diane Malcolm (2009)
Title: An investigation of English reading strategies, beliefs and practices of Arabic-speaking medical students at Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain.

Veronica Sanchez (2009)
Title: Perception about supervision in the pre-service programme in ELT offered at the Buenamerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla: A descriptive study.

Current PhD students

Joshua Antle
Title: Speaking of collocations: A comparison of productive and receptive tasks for fluency and collocation use.

Cynthia Caswell
Title: Programme design and professional outcomes in an MA TESOL teacher dducation case study:  Determining individual and cohort-based professional development trajectories.

Toshio Hisaoka
Title: Developmental patterns in the written language of Japanese learners of English: From SFL perspectives.

Somruedee Khongput
Title: Writing marking criteria: A genre-based approach.

Pamela McPherson
Title: Reading a community: Investigating the reading instruction needs of refugee women.

Susan Ollerhead
Title: An investigation into the policy and practice of teaching very low-literate adult ESL learners in Australia: A cross-case analysis.

Joseph Siegal
Title: Problematising L2 listening pedagogy: The potential of process- based listening strategy instruction in the L2 classroom.

Kristjan Seferaj
Title: A study on the relationship between styles of classroom delivery and Western teaching resources.

Thi Than Nha Vu
Title: The effectiveness of an EAP program: A longitudinal and exploratory case study of students' needs at Vietnam University.

Simon Wilkins
Title: Programming and assessment of speaking using the text-based approach in EFL.

Gao Yan
Title: Register and modality in different genres of medical texts.

Current MPhil students

Timothy Allen
Title: TBD.